The signs your unconscious fear is holding you prisoner?

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While the fear mechanism is hugely beneficial to you at various times in your life, guiding you to be cautious so as not to be physically and often mentally and emotionally hurt, what do you do when it appears to be running your life on autopilot? The tell tale signs of unconcious fears may manifest in you feeling uninspired to develop new interests, stuck in your unfulfilling career and maybe tolerating an unhappy and unfulfilling relationship.  What do you do when your unconscious fear is subtly holding you prisoner?

Have you done a good job at convincing yourself you are fine? 

Most of us, so as not to feel the fear all of the time, convince ourselves that we have long since dealt with our childhood fears and that we now feel fine. The problem is, the evidence of your life may point towards the complete opposite. While you are busy maintaining you are now fearless, you could also simultaneously, be living a lie in your relationship, working in a job that bores you, or struggling at motivating yourself in self employment. You are safe in what you know even though it is highly unsatisfactory.  It provides a certain level of predictability.  And it maintains itself through fear – the fear of change and uncertainty.

Use your fear as fuel for growth 

If we could use fear as our fuel for growth – and I can assure you we are unlikely to run out of fuel – then we could be renewing and celebrating our lives a lot more honestly. We could breathe new life into our homes, our work, our family and our relationships. We could challenge what we used to think was true  and embrace new ideas, develop new friendships, new interests, new ways of working and enjoy the journey towards a greater level of self awareness and inner peace.

Our freedom comes from taking responsibility for our future and for our happiness. If you are unhappy about your life, bored, anxious or fed up with where you are, then only you can change it. It might look like it’s someone else’s fault, but it is you who has the final say over how you run your life..

Are you ready to clear the fear? 

The only ingredient you need now is courage. Courage is not the absence of fear. It is the ability to confront and overcome your fear.  And I would love to be part of your journey in you taking that responsibility for your happiness.

I have various Clear the Fear products and services you can take me up on which I’m developing as we speak!  Sign up to the right here so I can keep you informed of  them.

In the meantime, if you’re able to join me on my Clear the Fear workshop I offer a beautiful collaboration between you and me, an opportunity for me to help you, in the safety of a supportive group of other like minded souls, tease out your blocks and fears, embody them, negotiate with them, and then gain a more deeply confident and peaceful perspective.  Confronting your unconscious fears and giving yourself a chance will set in motion all manner of support to enable you to continue to grow and explore your deeper layers of self.  

Every single workshop is created uniquely by your amazing stories, the inspired chemistry in the room, and me your Director as I seek for the diamond inside, underneath all the layers of compacted fear you thought you needed to stay safe.

What others said

“Thank you for sharing with us your work today, inspiring indeed. I thoroughly enjoyed it all. In short a truly powerful experience which I will remember with great respect and the desire to want to learn more. I hope we get to meet again.” Nat Clegg, Coach and Therapist 

“This, my third experience, has been rewarding and fulfilling. Jenny has an amazing way of engaging with us to make us feel completely at ease with one another. Her workshops always make me feel empowered and rejuvenated being able to relate to other’s dramas. Jenny thanking you for inspiring me and helping me to rewrite my script.” Laura Bassingthwaite, Drama Teacher 

Take a chance and make the leap. I’ll be there waiting to catch you. 

I was in Sydney and Melbourne in September 

I was in Australia in September delivering 2 talks and 2 workshops on Clearing Fears. I made some amazing contacts with people and broke through one of my own fear barriers that stopped me travelling.  If you are a traveller and would like to join me here for my residential in March 2015 or would like me to travel to your country to deliver this amazing, life changing workshop I would love to hear from you.  Check in to see what other people are saying about it. And keep in touch.  Email me or subscribe for more news on the tab to the right. 



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