Work With Jenny Lynn

The Setting



Walk with me through wild woodlands in the heart of nature. Feel the gentle breeze on your skin, the soft earth under your feet, and the whispering of nature. In the beauty of the woods, all things can be shared and revealed for your coaching journey into your authentic heart centre.
Therapy Suite

Therapy Suite

Sit with me in my tranquil, private therapy suite, where we can work intensively with a range of therapies, including counselling, hypnotherapy and meditation to inspire you to grow and shed the unwanted, expired feelings that once kept you safe, but now you can allow yourself to release.

Decision Making

How any times in my practice have I met people who desperately need to make a decision but are so racked with doubt, fears and anxiety that it is impossible to reach that decision. There are things we need to complete in life: important life changing decisions that need our full attention and careful evaluation.

If you are engulfed in fearful thinking, it’s incredibly difficult to find clarity about your biggest decisions in life: whether it be a marriage or divorce, whether to have a baby or keep a baby, or whether to move house, move countries, change jobs or careers, or let go of the loss of a loved one and move on. All of these processes are life changing and arresting at any one of these junctures can cause intense pain and self doubt.

Elizabeth Kubler Ross’s work into loss detailed 5 stages of grieving: Anger, disbelief, sadness, acceptance and moving on. All decisions that are life changing involve a crossroads of loss as well as gain. Both can cause deep fear and anticipation.

Learning how to identify where you are in your decision making journey and accept the changes with as much humility as you can muster, will help you deal with the loss and the new life you are embarking on in a much more accepting and peaceful way.

Change is never easy, but with a skilled helper who has the capacity to sit and evaluate with you your options, your fears, and your intention, in a non biased, but deeply personal way is invaluable.

Book in on my calendar and let’s meet for your complimentary half hour, no obligation, online session.

Relationship Coaching

Is your relationship getting tired?

Have you both forgotten your way, pent up with petty resentments and small and big hurts that have embedded themselves in your relationship? Are you finding it hard to negotiate the kind of relationship you want with your other half, after too many years of complacency? The choices seem to be now, to either rekindle something, or perhaps even find the courage to negotiate a settlement so you can both move on.

Relationships are perfect vehicles to understand ourselves in. Whatever you think your other half is doing to annoy you, very often, is a projection of your own abandoned self. What we don’t like or don’t accept in ourselves, we project onto others. For example, I might think my partner is selfish, but what’s really happening is I don’t know how to negotiate my own needs for fear of being selfish.

Often, if you’re not in relationship, no one shows you the parts of you that need working on. Too many people throw away their relationships because they don’t like what they see in the ‘mirror’ thinking that a new, fresh relationship will solve the problem. Have you moved on and yet found yourself with the same kinds of feelings just with a different partner?

If I can help you together, or apart, to find happiness within to bring to the relationship table, book in on my calendar and let’s meet for your complimentary half hour, no obligation, online session.

Mind Body Soul

Early in my practice I was met, one after the other, with 6 or more clients with the seemingly intractable disease called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I discovered by working deeply on the psyche of each client, the psychological and spiritual roots into this condition. It was a journey of discovery for me and my clients alike and I was inspired and encouraged by their recoveries and personal growth. I went on to design professional training courses for my colleagues and took the course and, subsequently, the book, all over the UK and to various other countries on my travels with my work.

This awareness and method of working very deeply into the psyche, has since led into all kinds of spontaneous healings, as clients have been able to deeply re-evaluate their inner programmes and decide at the deepest level to let them go. There are no guarantees with this level of working and not all clients can dig as deep as is needed. But if you’re one of those who is ready to deeply confront their unconscious programmes this may work well for you.

We can explore not only the psyche, but your well worn lifestyle habits and see if there’s a way we can help you incorporate new routines that promise to support your health as you recover your emotional and spiritual integrity.

If you need a companion and guide on your journey into your authentic you, to get to that inner place of healing, book in on my calendar and let’s meet for your complimentary half hour, no obligation, online session.

Spiritual Development

We are in times of great flux and transformation. The world is about to change forever leaving many people unprepared and reeling from the impact.

It has never been more important to find your centre, your roots into mother earth, and to let go of the social programming that has kept you in a state of fear all your life.

As we realise we can trust less and less what we have learned, and what we have been told is the nature of reality, we are invited into a deeper communion with our own observations, our own seasons of our souls, and our own abilities to find our emotional, spiritual and physical equilibrium.

You may need a voice of wisdom to accompany you on this journey learning how to nourish and honour your body, as your soul learns the whispering of a deeper knowledge of the human condition.

As a life-long Buddhist, and sensitive, these times have caused me to dig deeper too and to reaffirm my profound connection to life and the earth on which we live. If you need a companion and guide on your journey into your authentic you, book in on my calendar and let’s meet for your complimentary half hour, no obligation, online session.

Professional Mentoring

I have been training, mentoring and supervising my colleagues since my early epiphany at the beginning of my therapy practice. It was a revelation not to have to worry about my performance with my clients and to be able to be present in the therapy room with all their messy feelings and reactions and not feel responsible for them.

It was over a few years that I realised many therapists careers are brought to a premature close because of their performance anxieties and fears of being an honest reflection of their clients’ insecurities and issues. Many times I heard colleagues tell me of their fear of offending their clients which is a projection of the therapist’s own insecurities in the therapy setting. I once wrote an article titled, ‘How many people are there in your therapy room?’ detailing just how many unconscious fears projected onto client and therapist by other people, are also playing out in the therapy room.

I realised many private, and university, therapy schools send out therapists who don’t feel fully equipped for the job and I wanted to help by offering training and mentorship which was more deeply tailored to therapists’ personal development, and not just their technique-ing. I have written for several industry journals about this, run many courses, and supervised many in their coaching and therapy practices.

If you are looking for an insightful and supportive service to support you in your practice, book in on my calendar and let’s meet for your complimentary half hour, no obligation, online session.

Courses and Bespoke Residentials

Sometimes, time and money permitting, you might just need a jolly good intensive to point you in a new direction! Perhaps you’ve had an demanding executive job that you notice, others seem to manage ok, but that seems to totally drain you. Why are you different to them? How frustrating that you can’t work at full throttle all of the time and still feel relaxed and calm in your spare time! It’s so unfair!

Well, what’s unfair is that you are flogging yourself to death spiritually to fit into some corporate model of what success means. What if success isn’t what you thought it was, but is much more personal, and meaningful than chasing the £££’s! What if success is doing a good enough job and knowing when and how to switch off from it? Can you do that?

Or maybe you’re tired of managing the varying needs and wants of your large family and you now need to turn the focus on to you, and learn some self preservation tactics. What if you could educate your family to be more resourceful and less dependent on you?

Spending up to 5 days on a whole course of bespoke exercises, and luxuries, including spa days, communing with nature, learning about health and nutrition, wild herbals, food growing or whatever else is important to you, could give you the impetus to completely revamp your life, emotionally, spiritually and physically.

As bespoke residential or day courses have to be tailored to what it is you want to achieve, as part of the deal, we spend several hours assessing your goals and how we will achieve them on your intensive. If you want accountability after these intensives to keep you en pointe, we can add those into your package. Reckon with anything between £1500 and £7000 as I work with you to design the package that will get you the results you want.

Book in on my calendar and let’s meet for your complimentary half hour, no obligation, online session.


You can reach out to me from anywhere in the world, and we can work directly over zoom or skype to help you develop your life and release your soul from the burdens you’ve been carrying for years.

So no more physical barriers to your growth and happiness: as much as technology can be used for bad, let’s use it for our personal liberation and sense of inner freedom and chalk ourselves up as one more awakened soul doing our most important and imperative work in this lifetime.

Group Online

Occasionally, I find people who really want to work together in encounter work, but the restraints of getting altogether in one place when people could be all over the world, presents logistical problems.

So as we collect people who want to explore being in group, being held accountable by each other, and by myself, who are looking for like minded souls to share their journey with, working online as a group is absolutely invaluable.

You will know as we start to work together in individual sessions whether this option resonates with you or not and we can discuss that as a potentiality at the start of your journey.


Imagine you can rest your tired bones from the stresses of life’s daily grind, and retreat to a beautiful setting in the countryside for a few days of pampering and personal work. Be prepared to ride a roller coaster of release, and relaxing while you deeply assess your priorities and your lifestyle to bring you into more harmonious resonance with your authentic self. You can release fears, step into your power, and learn that you deeply matter and your contribution to the world is valuable. This journey of personal development is a spiritual as well as psychological process that seeks to reconnect you with meaning and offers you a way of sustaining your own wellbeing regardless of life’s pressures around you. If this feels right for you, let’s discuss this over a few sessions to make sure we tailor a programme that works exactly where you need it to.

Trusted Guidance

If you need a companion and guide on your journey into your authentic you, book in on my calendar and let’s meet for your complimentary half hour, no obligation, online session.