I’m Jenny Lynn

Lifestyle Mentor, Therapist & Spiritual Coach

Are you longing to let go of your stuck thoughts and feelings that cause you nothing but stress?

Lifestyle Mentoring, Therapy & Spiritual Coaching

Learning how to centre yourself & observe rather than react, is a psychological, as well as spiritual journey.  If it’s really time for you to clear out the old and experience a cathartic relief from your stressful life, join me now.  I’ll help you make space for the new and discover your purpose so that you are the more real & wholesome you, you were always meant to be.  Ready to start the journey? You are in safe hands.

Professional Therapy & Coaching Mentoring

I love helping and supporting my colleagues to develop their confidence and approach in their coaching and therapy practice.  With more than 20 years  experience as a Therapist, Lifestyle Mentor and Spiritual Coach, I offer individual and small group supervision and mentorship sessions, to inspire you into your authentic self in the therapy setting.  I can help you  manage more clients, & develop your service. Are you ready?

 Helping You Get to the Real You


Is the routine you’ve fallen into causing you nothing but stress and your lifestyle, family and career feel increasingly out of balance? Is the sound of your own voice tinged with endless complaint & you’re realising your hang-ups and short fuse are destroying your happiness and your relationships?
If so, I bet you’re just longing to let go of the head work and get some balance and perspective with an opportunity to design a more meaningful life in tune with a deeper purpose!

I can help you find peace in the noise, get out of the self defeat program and meet the real and authentic you who is just dying to break and out and be your whole self!  From making life changing decisions and resolving emotional issues to learning how to heal your body by finding spiritual and emotional balance, my promise is that you have my full attention and the benefit of my personal journey and 20 years professional experience. I can help you put you back at the centre of your life, finding perspective and peace in the middle of chaos,  while showing you how you can live closer to nature and deepen your connection to source – whatever your religious background.  

Decision Making

It’s so important to make the right life changing decision. Being able to evaluate and weigh up the benefits and disadvantages of any one of many potential decision making opportunities needs you to stay focussed on where you want your life to go.  From career, to health, and family, life presents many opportunities for us to change direction and step up to new challenges.  Learn more.

Spiritual Crisis

As the human being wakes up to his humanity in today’s crazy world, there is, more than ever, a need to find a spiritual connection to nature & to the rhythms of life. The crisis is often about birthing your own uniqueness and need to be real set against the constraints of the machine world we live in. Whatever your spirituality, being all you were meant to be in the world is more important than ever before. 

Mind Body Health

Is your work and personal life regime sapping your energy & causing you health problems? From CFS to IBS, from cancer to heart disease, and emotional issues, all these can be helped by lowering stress.  Learning how to de-stress, eat well, discover the healing benefits of nature,  re-balance, & honour yourself is not just optional but essential to your health & happiness. Find out how.

Courses and Bespoke Residentials

The courses I have developed over many years of working in the world of personal development are designed to awaken you to your power, embolden you to take action, and inspire you to be all that you are in life. From clearing out fear, to developing relationships through intimate touch and spiritual awakening, I can design a programme for you that you will find essential on your journey to your own self actualised person.

Relationship Coaching

Your intimate relationships need your attention and focus. If you would like to improve, or even celebrate, your relationship in a new way, I can coach you through building intimacy and repairing your relationships. Just bring me your open hearts and minds. 

Professional Mentoring

Do you want to manage more variety in your therapy or coaching practice, building your confidence with a range of client issues, AND be authentically you  in your practice? With 20 years experience mentoring and supervising therapists and coaches and adding to your professional development, you are in safe hands.

What are the processes that I use?

I use a range of approaches including hypnotherapy, counselling, psychotherapy, EMDR, NLP, meditation, and other integrated approaches which I intuitively apply in varying degrees to your unique personality. Most people have no real idea what they need or want and can try many different approaches, none of which really hit the spot. This is because the technique is less important than the insight your therapist has into your unconscious drivers and the relationship you build with your therapist or coach. As a trainer, mentor and supervisor of my colleagues for many years, I share an integrated approach , incorporating many techniques into a heart led service.

As your coach and therapist, I want to connect with you at a deeper level, sensing and responding to your unspoken and unconscious programs so that you feel witnessed, acknowledged, and can know that it’s safe to explore without fear. Sometimes that can happen fairly fast, and at others, it takes time to peel back the layers of conditioning to help free you. It takes your courage and commitment during and after whatever program we agree together for you.  Let me help guide you to your own authentic self, putting your much worked-over theories into practice.  Are you ready for that? To give up the old and adopt the new, scary but exciting journey?  Shall we set up a complimentary half hour call for you now?


Are you going through a career change and trying to find a bigger life purpose?

If you’ve had a successful career and one of life’s anomalies, maybe a divorce or demotion, has left you doubting the value of the decisions you have made in life, then everything will be up for discussion. Are you ready to dig deep and find your meaning and purpose?

Are you deeply dissatisfied with your personal life, questioning your partnership or wanting to re-prioritise how you spend your private time?

Have your children already grown and you’ve missed it? Is this the first time you’ve taken a long hard look at your relationship and realised it’s fairly robotic? Do you want to do something about it, either re-invigorate your tired relationship or find the courage to challenge the status quo? I can help you find clarity to rediscover your partner in life or find out what you want from your closest relationships.

Has illness set you on a completely alien journey where you are groping in the darkness for solutions and meaning?

Are you struggling with an illness which, despite your having thrown a lot of spare cash at it, using both conventional and unconventional treatment, it seems stubbornly to stick around? You’ve begun to realise that the illness has a meaning itself, and resolving it is a key to setting you on a scarey and alien journey into your own authenticity. Are you ready to brace yourself and find the mental, emotional and spiritual peace that can lead to a resolution of your physical issues?

Have you experienced a spiritual awakening and it's been a really freaky and wild experience that none of your friends or family 'gets'?

This is something that is becoming more and more prevalent. The awakening of people’s real hearts and minds. Change and growth only happen when there is a reason, a crisis. As the world enters into a global crisis, many many people are waking up to their power.  It is a lonely journey. But you are in good company. I can help you find peace in chaos, respecting your own insights while growing awareness of your real, but till now hidden, power.

Are you longing for simplicity, to reconnect with nature and really experience life, instead of think it?

People are sick because of their complex, nature-starved life. Are you looking for simplicity, to downsize, to re work your life’s priorities and return to a more simple, off grid, unconventional life that needs your full attention and commitment? What could you give up and what could you absolutely not let go of? Need help?

About Me

I’m now a mature woman with 20 years experience of working with people and their deeply personal issues, inspiring and encouraging their healing, and all the while, leading in my own personal development and spiritual authenticity as a practising Buddhist of 40 years. However, it hasn’t always been that way. I have spent more than half my life struggling with old programs that overwhelmed me while really just so needing to find my centre and discover peace in the eye of the storm.

The years of spiritual practice helped me to a place in my 30’s, where, after a moment of clarity, underneath all the sham and drudgery, I realised all I had to do, was find the courage to be truly me.  All fears seemed to just evaporate. This was the message I was here to share and to demonstrate and it’s been a process that I have cherished ever since.

I have travelled the world with my work, leading courses, training my colleagues, designing talks, and writing articles and books. In recent years, I have been a champion for growing your own food, living more in alignment with nature and the seasons, and honouring the wonderful capacity of the well nourished body, physically and spiritually, to bring such wellbeing, joy and pleasure. Moving into the body, I have also discovered dance & movement to inspire a profound connection to the authentic self, inviting intimacy and releasing pre-conceived ideas of who you should be.

What I bring to my therapy and coaching practice is the presence to just be where I am right now, and inspire others to get off their own cases, and take the stance of the child once more: the curious, the adventurous, the wild and happy spiritual awareness that we are who we are.

This acceptance frees up so much energy; so much fear and doubt just dissolves when you truly reach into your life and embrace the real, authentic you – warts and all.  I would love to show you how to do it – whatever your challenge – because it is the work we were put here to do: coming home to our true selves and reuniting with our fellow being and our mother earth.

“Transformed people, transform people”

Richard Rohr

Book yourself in for a 30 minute video conference with me and let's chat about how I can help you.


“After searching for someone to help me heal the cause of the chronic fatigue symptoms I came across Jenny’s website quite by chance.  Her YouTube video was both inspiring and refreshing to watch, she undoubtedly had a very good understanding of ME/Chronic Fatigue and her passion to help and support came through very strongly.  Jenny used methods that I felt comfortable with and I was able to realise the root of the problem literally within the first session, I was amazed.  Six sessions later I was ready to continue the healing journey on my own.  I am so thankful for the knowledge, understanding and patience Jenny offered during our work together.  My confidence has returned and I feel so much better within myself.  Thank you so much Jenny, you have equipped me with valuable tools that I can utilise in any given situation”

Dawn – FE Teacher

“I think that the acceptance you taught me has been a real turning point. You gave me such confidence in myself which was facilitated by your touch and which was like a weight off my shoulders. Because you had the courage to accept me, I learned that it’s okay to trust myself and my own instinct. I had that psychologically, but to transfer that to the physical was immense. It’s incredibly powerful, I think about it often especially when I need to focus on my sense of touch, it’s a renewed confidence. But then you lead by example, the self acceptance and courage you showed by your woodland photo shoot for example really made me think and set such a good example for me to say ‘it’s okay’ ‘it’s allowed’. Liberated is such a good word to describe how I feel. I don’t recall ever feeling liberated like I was with you. The shackles really came off, they haven’t gone back on either which is lovely and I feel very powerful and confident with this gift.”

Chris – Therapist

“”I went to Jenny not quite knowing what the issue was, but knowing I was fed up and needed to change. No two sessions were the same and Jenny didn’t stick to one prescriptive method, which allowed for a better understanding of the real root of the issue.
My life went through substantial change during my sessions with Jenny and I truly feel that without the ‘pre-emptive strike’ I would not have coped.
I feel vastly more confident and in control of my life and very comfortable with my emotions, I have the knowledge and confidence to continue to improve and make out of life what I want it to be.
I would highly recommend Jenny to anyone who is ready to do the work and really looking change their situation.

Karen (not real name), Chief Executive

Which approach will work for you?

Individual sessions

If you would like individual attention that is tailored to your unique challenges, let’s meet for weekly sessions. You can book in person in East Essex, online on zoom or skype, or we can do a walk and talk through some of Essex’ most beautiful woodland walks. So go book your complimentary, no obligation, half hour introductory telephone session on the calendar booking form. I’ll listen carefully to the challenges you describe and we can discuss what kind of intervention will best suit you . Let’s get started!  


Online Group Mentoring

Would you like to meet with other awakening people looking for meaning and purpose and help support each other through your transformations? If you’re ready to  work in group and inspire and support each other, you’ll find this 6 week series of meetings focusses on your relationship with yourself with homework and accountability sessions built in to the program. In these crazy times, it’s so important to feel connected to others who are going through similar spiritual and psychological transformations to you. Free yourself from the burden of social conformity and shine in your divine brightness! Book in for your free half hour.

Residential 1-2-1 intensive

If you’ve done all the theory but now you’re ready to fast track your development because it’s about time you took your growth seriously, this intensive will be for you. You can spend 2 nights and 2 days resident in a beautiful retreat, with the opportunity to work over your deepest beliefs, re-evaluate your life, and develop your relationship with nature. I build in accountability session afterwards so that you can practise the lessons you’ve learned with me to open up your life to new possibility. Book in your complimentary half hour session now.

Discover your purpose. Work with a mentor. Challenge yourself and expand your life.

You can do this! The only thing stopping you is you. Make a decision and make a commitment otherwise nothing will change. Are you absolutely ready to shake up your life and see where the pieces land? Let me help you. You are in safe hands. Pull up a seat on my complimentary skype or zoom session and let’s best decide which route to take with me. I’m excited to meet you.

Jenny Lynn 07773 919071