Jenny Lynn

Therapist, Coach and Lifestyle Mentor, Rebel Vegetable Gardener, Buddhist, Blues Dancer, Teacher, Speaker, Linguist, Mother, Philosopher, International Traveller, Trainer and Author, Life Experimenter, Woodland Explorer, Music Maker, Experimental Chef, Independent Thinker and Warmer of Hearts.

Jenny Lynn - Therapist, Coach and Lifestyle Mentor

Jenny Lynn

integrative psychotherapist/hypnotherapist

I’m now a mature woman with 20 years experience of working with people and their deeply personal issues, inspiring and encouraging their healing, and all the while, leading in my own personal development and spiritual authenticity as a practising Buddhist of 40 years. However, until a profound epiphany in my 30’s it was very different. I have spent more than half my life struggling with old programs that overwhelmed me while really just so needing to find my centre and discover peace in the eye of the storm.

The years of spiritual practice helped me to this place of awakening where, after a moment of clarity, underneath all the sham and drudgery, I realised all I had to do, was find the courage to be truly me. As I stepped into that new awareness, all fears, anger and resentment seemed to just evaporate. This was the message I was here to share and to demonstrate and it’s been a process that I have cherished ever since.

As a former languages teacher, I also had teaching skills that I knew I could put to good use in my therapy practice. As a result, I have developed my service for both my clients and my colleagues, travelling the world, developing and leading courses, offering training for my contemporaries, designing and presenting talks, writing articles and authoring books.

In recent years, I have been a champion for growing your own food, living more in alignment with nature and the seasons, and honouring the wonderful capacity of the well nourished body, physically and spiritually, to bring such wellbeing, joy and pleasure. Moving into the body, I have also discovered dance & movement to inspire a profound connection to the authentic self, inviting intimacy and releasing pre-conceived ideas of who you should be.

What I bring to my therapy and coaching practice is the presence to just be where I am right now, and inspire others to shed unnecessary baggage, and take the stance of the child once more: the curious, the adventurous, the wild and happy spiritual awareness that we are perfect just as we are.

This acceptance frees up so much energy; so much fear and doubt just dissolves when you truly reach into your life and embrace the real, authentic you – warts and all. I would love to show you how to do it – whatever your challenge – because it is the work we were put here to do: coming home to our true selves and reuniting with our fellow being and our mother earth.

Jenny Lynn - Therapist, Coach and Lifestyle Mentor

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