What People Are Saying

“I’ve known Jenny for 20 years. A brilliant insightful transformational therapist. Go and see her.”

Peter Phelps

“Although it was many years ago that I saw Jenny I found her to be incredibly helpful, intuitive and understanding, taking into account not just the physical and emotional aspects of the anxiety I was suffering from but also the holistic and energetic side of things as well. She was the springboard to my recovery, highly reccommended!”

Daniel Spero

“After searching for someone to help me heal the cause of the chronic fatigue symptoms I came across Jenny’s website quite by chance. Her YouTube video was both inspiring and refreshing to watch, she undoubtedly had a very good understanding of ME/Chronic Fatigue and her passion to help and support came through very strongly. Jenny used methods that I felt comfortable with and I was able to realise the root of the problem literally within the first session, I was amazed. Six sessions later I was ready to continue the healing journey on my own. I am so thankful for the knowledge, understanding and patience Jenny offered during our work together. My confidence has returned and I feel so much better within myself. Thank you so much Jenny, you have equipped me with valuable tools that I can utilise in any given situation”

Dawn – FE Teacher

“I think that the acceptance you taught me has been a real turning point. You gave me such confidence in myself which was facilitated by your touch and which was like a weight off my shoulders. Because you had the courage to accept me, I learned that it’s okay to trust myself and my own instinct. I had that psychologically, but to transfer that to the physical was immense. It’s incredibly powerful, I think about it often especially when I need to focus on my sense of touch, it’s a renewed confidence. But then you lead by example, the self acceptance and courage you showed by your woodland photo shoot for example really made me think and set such a good example for me to say ‘it’s okay’ ‘it’s allowed’. Liberated is such a good word to describe how I feel. I don’t recall ever feeling liberated like I was with you. The shackles really came off, they haven’t gone back on either which is lovely and I feel very powerful and confident with this gift.”

Chris – Therapist

“I went to Jenny not quite knowing what the issue was, but knowing I was fed up and needed to change. No two sessions were the same and Jenny didn’t stick to one prescriptive method, which allowed for a better understanding of the real root of the issue. My life went through substantial change during my sessions with Jenny and I truly feel that without the ‘pre-emptive strike’ I would not have coped. I feel vastly more confident and in control of my life and very comfortable with my emotions, I have the knowledge and confidence to continue to improve and make out of life what I want it to be. I would highly recommend Jenny to anyone who is ready to do the work and really looking change their situation.”

Karen (not real name), Chief Executive

“I had covid in April 2021, and then stuck with Long Covid/Post Viral fatigue, going from doctor to doctor, with no answers. Eventually I started to look for answers myself and slowly understood the mind body connection, but I did not understand what to do and where to start. Happened to see Jenny Lynn’s video in her youtube channel, where she clearly explains the complete psychological and behavioral profile of Chronic Fatigue syndrome sufferers, and all of a sudden I was able to connect the dots. Things made sense finally and I contacted her for hypnotherapy sessions. The sessions helped me undo the behavioural patterns and beliefs that led me to this and release the fears holding me back.

It is a tremendous contribution towards recovering, as far as CFS is concerned a mindset shift is necessary by understanding and resolving the inner conflicts. Jenny Lynn is an excellent therapist, and has a lot of understanding and experience about this condition. She tailors the sessions as to what is needed for each individual rather than following a standard pattern which may not help everyone. It was great working with her.”

Young mum and career woman
(name withheld for client confidentiality)

“It’s very hard to articulate how much of an impact Jenny Lynn has had on my life, without doubt the biggest single influence on the path to happiness and away from depression i’ve had. To be so intuitive and understanding of your situation makes you believe for the first time there could be a solution to how you are feeling. Not only will she aid you through your journey but also has extensive knowledge of life planning and business management, helping you find your true calling in life. These skills and advice can enable you to move forward with your life after treatment. Worth every penny and what a lovely lady. Thank you again Jenny x”

Hal Plummer