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What do I need money for?

I've been in a conflicted place for a number of years around money. I've still not fully reconciled the two extremes that nestle up against each other in my psyche. I'm torn between opting out of the money system and its tyranny and enslavement or actually using money...

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Clear the fear of reaching out

Just this morning I was talking to my friend and colleague, Craig Homonnay in Adelaide, Australia on facebook. We've become acquainted via Matt Sison's yahoo forum over a few years and just a couple of months ago, I messaged him on facebook to do a bit of scouting for...

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First steps

I'd always said I wanted to travel, to learn from some of the masters around the world, metabolise and process their teachings and bring them all together in a powerful mastery of personal transformation so that I could inspire others to do the same.  I dreamed of it....

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