Clear the Fear – The Journey Continues

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I’ve been banging on for years about therapists doing their personal work, clearing their fear and modelling authenticity. And the only reason I’ve developed such a passion for it is because when I first started out training my colleagues, I naively thought everyone had had THEIR personal epiphany like I had. When I realised that wasn’t the case, I saw how I could serve my own community by training and modelling authenticity in the therapy room. I wanted inspire a that therapy could be much more incisive and effective, promoting faster and more profound healing in our clients and educating and nurturing resourcefulness and independence.

drama mask 2 400 wide I discovered from those early days of my practice that the world of therapy, and in fact the whole world, has however been overtaken by superficialism and sound bites, by technique-ing and protocols, by procedures and ‘professionalism’, by masks and bluster, by intellectualism and academia, till the near life has been drained out of any authentic and creative inspiration that may arise from making profound relationships with colleagues, clients and customers. And this is the case, not just as therapists, but in many other areas of work. The benefit? The creation of meaningful connection, authentic business relationships and more than just financial wealth. The time is so right for this maturation of the human condition, this blossoming and valuing of the more subtle yet deeply wholesome aspect of our human-ness. And as therapists we hold the most tremendous responsibility to be clearing our fears, walking our talk and becoming beacons of personal transformation.

What does it take to wake up?

As a Transpersonal Therapist, Intuitive Coach and Personal Development Mentor, I wondered why more people weren’t clamouring to do their deep personal work, to demonstrate in their energy their clarity of perspective and wisdom; to embrace the challenging journey to our own awakening, and basically, to become leaders of authenticity.

And one of the answers I received to my own enquiry was that, so infected are we by the world of media and superficialism, that many of us aren’t even aware of what it is that is blocking our lives and causing us to stay small, get burnout, and to not share our gifts with the world.  And if that’s the case, how are we ever going to become the leaders that others so desperately need – in word AND in deed?

My Personal History of Clearing Fears

Many years ago when I was 23 I was diagnosed Schizophrenic. I recovered and never even considered it anything remarkable. At age 29, I shed another skin and confronted and transformed my fear. 3 years later I had a near death experience at the birth of my daughter and struggled with deep fears. And then 6 years later, around the age of 38 another layer of fear fell away as I embarked on perhaps the most important part of my profound journey home to who I really am.

Now I find myself again at the beginning of something new and scary: my journeying to different parts of the world with my work. I was fine being a big fish in a relatively small pond. But now I have to allow myself to be seen, sharing my story, by larger numbers of people, in different cultures, with differing expectations and unique journeys of their own. My poor wounded ego asks me again, whether I have anything to really show anyone that they couldn’t find for themselves.

We are here to guide and lead each other

And then I’m invited to reflect on all the wonderful mentors and beautiful souls who have shared their inspiration and journey with me and allowed me to step up in my life and work. And I realise that this work I do isn’t mine. It’s just something I was born to do.  It’s simply the spiritual baton I’m passing on to those who are ready to grab it and run. In fact, it’s not work at all. It’s a sheer pleasure.

Embracing the next part of the journey

I’ll be on the biggest journey of my life so far in September: speaking at the Australian Hypnotherapy Association’s 65th Annual Conference and taking my Clear the Fear workshops on walkabout to Sydney and Melbourne where I am b DSC_1762 arely known but already am so supported by all the wonderful international friendships I have made over the years through forums and social media. And I thought it was apt for me to share my journey of clearing my own fears so that I can deliver my best work yet down under.

If you’re an interested Aussie, I’d love to keep in touch with you. Just enter your details in the box above and I’ll keep you posted on what’s on and where.  Or you can also find me on facebook on http:/ or on my website where you’ll discover more about the workshops themselves.


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