Psychodrama – Scarey concept? I need your help

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One of the most difficult things to get right is the ways in which we attract our ideal clients to us, especially as therapists. I’m guilty myself at times of not being able to see the wood for the trees, of not valuing effectively what I’m offering, not seeing the uniqueness of my approach, and not feeling comfortable standing out. The irony is of course, if I don’t stand out, no one will see me.

Here’s the problem

As I’ve been promoting my psychodrama workshops, I forget that many people won’t understand the term ‘psychodrama’.  As a result, I think my psychodrama workshops are scaring people! I think they see the term and they imagine they’ll be running around pretending to be teapots or the sun and doing some of that hammed up acting that you used to hate in school! You know the stuff I mean?

The truth is the way I do Psychodrama is nothing like this. It is an amazing process of gentle but highly insightful personal development. And whatsmore, on my psychodrama days, I don’t only use psychodrama. I use meditation, 5 rhythmns dance, movement, breathing, art work, gestalt and visualisation.  So is it right to call it psychodrama?

Can you help?

If you know what it is or have experienced one of my workshops, I’d like to invite you to get your creative juices flowing about what to call it. This is especially for those who have already taken part in them. Tell you what – just submit your comment below and let’s get this thing rolling! Yes, you can make bizarre suggestions if you want though anything offensive I won’t allow through. Have a bit of fun with it. You never know what might come of a stray suggestion.

A few ideas

A couple of my colleagues who work similarly call their workshops names such as: ‘transforming shadows’ and ‘when the body speaks, listen’. No two people produce the same courses. When you buy one of these courses, you are buying the person and the way they do their best work. The system is almost a seamless part of the trainer’s own flair and style.  What I’d love you to do is to give me some idea what to call the workshops. And for the winner, after a bit of discussion with you below, can have my 4 hour masterclass Assertiveness and confidence product as a gift. You can then gift or sell this to your clients! Or better still, a complimentary half hour session with me for me to offer you the same reflection and insight into your practice.  Now that’s an offer for just a few minutes of your time.  Deal?



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