Open Mind is Back!

At last I’ve managed to get my old domain name back up and running in some usable format!  It’s been a labour of love dragging it away from my former host and tied in site builder Content management system and over to my independent host and Word Press! Now I’m free at last! Free!

My home page is my best page so far I think and conveys my message. Also look at the new logo. It’ll be a theme running across all my sites including the professional mentorship and training site, eventually.  That’s about to undergo a facelift too.

Why the face lift?

So here’s why I’m doing it. My insight, practical skill and business knowledge as a therapist has increased hundredfold since I first went into practice, but my old site wasn’t showing that.

Now I’m stepping into my own identity as a Life Make-Over Consultant and building the business I want to have and not waiting for business to come to me.

I’m ditching the description of what I do by the tools that I use and moving into describing the results they achieve.  Hence the new title!

I want to work with people who really want to see results in their lives and are prepared to uphold their side of the bargain to do the necessary work. That means together we can work to transform the way your life works and the way you feel about your life.

I want to work with people who are fed up with single model approaches to their issues: ie: the ‘I-only-do-coaching’ brigade who, the moment they stumble across something that coaching can’t solve, are lost. Or the ‘I-can-only-do-counselling’ or the ‘I-can-only-do-hypnotherapy’ contingent who can only see their part of the solution to your problems and challenges.

With nearly 13 years experience of working with people in a multi-modal way, holding their hands when they need it, and whipping their asses when appropriate, all metaphorically of course (!), I have a unique overview of how the mind works. I have learned to ask the questions that most people avoid asking and answering themselves.  And I’ve learned how to read my client and understand what their goals and ambitions are and how we might make them real for them.

And of course, as with all Life Journeys, mine has led me to get to know myself extremely well. If I know me well, and all of my blocks and excuses, I bet I could guess fairly accurately what yours are! The thing you learn, when you get to know yourself that well is that, in reality, we’re all motivated by the same innate desires to avoid suffering and create happiness. The only question then left that needs answering is ‘how?’.

Well, it might be wise to take lessons from a mentor who on a daily basis, meditates on the how’s of life.  How do I overcome this block, or change that belief? How to I face my challenges and deal with them?  These are questions I can help you answer and find solutions to. Just give me a call on 07773 919071 or 01371 859994 and let’s chat and see how I can help. Or alternatively just go back to the home page and download your FREE product: 3 insights and 4 steps to Getting your Life back on Track….which may not yet be operational. That’ll be my next blog post!