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Jenny Lynn

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Some people just want to be where the action is and are brave enough and frustrated enough to confront their life issues head on.  That’s why I have created the VIP Programs so that those of you who are ready to invest in your personal development and step up dramatically in your life, can do so with an intensive 6 hour VIP Day with a package of one to one support afterwards tailored to fit into your busy schedule.

This investment will save you time, frustration and possibly years and years waiting around for someone or something to happen before you can claim your happiness. You will be amazed at how much more you can gain if you do this very important work and determine to get the most out of your life. If you’re ready to make a quantum leap scroll down to see what I can offer you.

From Stressed to Blessed
Transformational VIP Day!

  • Are you fearful, resentful and angry that your life partner doesn’t  seem to hear you?
  • Is your work demanding more than you have in you to give?
  • Are you suffering from stress related illnesses?
  • Do you want more fun, ease and meaning in your life?

If you’re too busy for the weekly rigmarole of finding all the time involved in getting to and from coaching or therapy meetings, why not immerse yourself in your personal transformation in my one day VIP intensive?  You can experience the transformation that follows an intensive personal development programme that will help you take a quantum leap and create the life you deserve.


You can choose a VIP day to work on any of the areas of your life listed below that is causing you to be stressed and to not operate at your best.  I can help you identify and transform your core beliefs and ideas that are running your life unconsciously. With my help, you can create a quantum leap in your levels of inner focus and perspective creating the oasis you need to sustain you through the busy muddle of life.

Here’s just some of the aspects of your life I can help you with

  • reconnect with the significant other in your life – bring them with you!
  • discover a renewed sense of care and consideration for each other
  • realise an ability to allow the other one their foibles without you getting out of your pram
  • create the awareness to change how you relate in your relationship challenges
  • negotiate successfully the challenges of new relationships
  • discover the ability to leave your worries in the workplace and enjoy your spare time
  • create a renewed perspective that allows you a more philosophical and productive approach to work challenges
  • develop more trust in other people to help and support your goals and visions
  • be creative and breathe life into your business
  • create the space and time to eat properly, exercise and prioritise your health
  • experience the calmness and centredness of letting go of the body’s stress response
  • experience the benefits of a daily practice or ritual to centre you in your body
  • discover a state of mind that encourages healing on the physical level
  • embrace the possibility of inner and outer health
  • discover a renewed understanding of the role money plays in your life
  • release the fiction that you have attached to money and its value
  • create the mindset to attract more wealth
  • experience a money breakthrough
  • balance the demands of family with work
  • be mentally present at home when you are there so you can enjoy your family and your children
  • forgive extended family members with kindness and release yourself from carrying their burdens
  • decide not to live the script that you have accepted without question and instead take charge of how you respond to life

Personal/Professional Growth

  • create freedom from repeating patterns in life
  • transform your perspective and shift into a new phase of being
  • step up to challenges and become a new you
  • embrace the challenges of impending retirement
  • let go of blocks and limitations that are stopping you being all you are
  • invite a sense of fun into your life, take up new interests, explore latent gifts and talents
  • give yourself permission to relax and enjoy more
  • live more spontaneously and enjoy the excitement of the ride
Home and Setting
  • discover your unique expression in the home
  • Optimise your capacity to work from home, creating energy areas that serve you
  • rediscover the pleasure and purpose of your home after children have grown and left

You Tell Me Where Your Focus Is

We can create areas of focus that are tailored to you to help you overcome your challenges and create more harmony in your life.  We won’t be able to cover all of the above in one day, but with a bit of preparation and focus, you’ll be amazed at how much we can achieve on your VIP Day Intensive.

Live VIP Day

  • 6 hours of dedicated attention to you wherever your focus lies in the comfort of a meeting room at a fabulous hotel, lunch included!

Included in this is

  • 30 days email Accountability and Support to keep you on task
  • 2 x 30 minute follow up calls to trouble shoot and keep you focussed

All you need do to start the ball rolling on investing in yourself, your health and wellbeing and receive all the support you need is to fill in the form below and we’ll schedule a time to connect and explore which areas you want to focus on. Then we simply book the date!

Platinum Programme

If you would like to benefit from more input and more accountability – and I promise you, I will hold you fast to every goal you set for yourself – then you may choose to opt for the Platinum Programme straight away.  We start the same way, but we extend your accountability and support your ongoing transformation so that your special VIP day produces new life supporting habits that become your new reality.

Your VIP Day

  • 6 hours of dedicated attention to you wherever your focus lies in the comfort of a meeting room at a fabulous hotel, lunch included!

Included in this is

  • 3 or 6 months email Accountability and Support to keep you on task
  • 1 x 60 minute follow up meetings or calls each month to trouble shoot and keep you focussed for either 3 or 6 months (2 different packages)

Let’s book you in for a chat and decide together which programme will be best for you. Just fill in this form below and hit go!

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