I’ve been reflecting and realising how amazing YOU, my clients, have been. I’ve worked with some absolutely dedicated people and I am humbled at how much work you have done and how much you have grown. And just to say the biggest thank you for being a client and for downloading my Assertiveness and Confidence course, I want to make you a special offer.
I’m making an offer for you to get up to 10 sessions for up to HALF OFF my regular price.

Until 12th February as the biggest THANK YOU, I’m offering to all of you who have been either clients to whom I’ve gifted my Assertiveness and Confidence course, or who have bought and downloaded it, up to HALF OFF my regular session price.

The chances are I know you personally already. There aren’t many who will see this page who have not met or learned something from me but I do invite you to refer your closest friends and family who I will do my best to help, inspire and support through the process.


But there is a limit. I am offering only 50 hours in total of my time over the next 4 months. So you need to book your share soon.


As an added support, and something you can take away with you as a daily reminder of your development journey with me, I’m also offering the following bonus gift:

5 MP3 tracks from my Meditations to Inspire CD

Track 1 Relaxing by the beach
Track 2 Clearing out negativity
Track 3 Raising your consciousness through the chakras
Track 4 Realising your Strength
Track 5 Core confidence

I’ll send you a link direct to my dropbox file where you can download them.


I don’t make these offers every day! In fact, I often positively refuse to take people on for less than my usual rate. The reason?

Your emotional well-being is an investment. It is about valuing yourself enough to take serious steps to clear fear out of your life and really make a shift. Too cheap and people don’t make a conscious choice about what they want from therapy or personal development sessions. As a result they lose focus, or the therapist loses focus, and they end up in cheap therapy for years that costs far more than just a lot of money over a long period. It costs precious time, sometimes unnecessary and prolonged heartache AND a lot of wasted talking.

So I know already you ARE one of those people who is ready to roll your sleeves up and make a conscious choice about your development. You have invested before in yourself so I’m prepared to NEARLY HALVE my regular fee to meet you because I know you’re serious about your well-being.

Because you know me, your referrals are valuable to me too. You can vouch for what the process looks and feels like from working with me. So I’d like to give your friends and family the opportunity to benefit too knowing that you will refer people who are ready to do their work.


Sessions are to take place in Great Dunmow, Essex only or on Skype so that no matter where you are in the world, you can still get your half price sessions! I have worked with some amazing clients from the US and Australia who I have only ever met on Skype!


And guess what? You can bank them! You can buy up to 10 x 1hr sessions to be used over 4 months from the date of purchase.


Take them as 1, 1.5 or 2 hour sessions. You can decide as we go along, or we can decide at the beginning what length of session you would prefer. Personally, I think we get more done, certainly in the early stages, with 2 hour sessions. However, we can mix and match whichever works for you.


If you’ve done as much personal development as you want for now, you can buy sessions as a gift for someone else but be sure to get their agreement. Only one named person per set of sessions per purchase.

This offer closes on Friday 12th February 2016 so make sure to get your sessions bought before then. Just send me a message in the ‘contact’ tab as soon as you’ve bought your sessions and I’ll get back to you within the hour by email to book your first appointment.

Here are some of the issues I’m happy to work with.

Developmental Issues

Relationship not going right
Self Esteem
Sexual Confidence
Childhood issues
Communication issues

Crises and Decision Making

Loss of a loved one
Career Change
Family issues
Having a baby

Physical and Spiritual Health

Diet and Well-being
The Bodymind


Looking for something new and challenging
Spiritual Goals
Body consciousness
Feeling more body confident

If yours isn’t there email me on jenny@openmindtherapy.co.uk and ask me.



My regular single session price is £95

However, buy more than one and the price starts to fall dramatically.


Buy 1 session for £95

Buy 2 sessions for £140 = £70 per session

Buy 4 sessions for £260 = £65 per session

Buy 6 sessions for £360 = £60 per session

Buy 8 sessions for £440 = £55 per session

Buy 10 sessions for £500 = £50 per session


Number of sessions

Thank you so much for being my clients. You have kept me busy and interested in life and I’d love to give something back to you or your loved ones. So, even if you’ve done as much personal development as you want for now, you can buy sessions as a gift for someone else but be sure to get their agreement. Or you can simply refer them to me on this special offer. This page is private and is not open to the general public but I trust you will know who to refer to me.

If you, or someone you love, are determined to get some personal development under your belt and turn your life around, I am here. Feel free to message me with any questions before you commit. You who know me, know it is time, money and effort well spent. If you need additional help and inspiration to turn your life around buy your sessions now before Friday 12th February 2016.

I’m looking forward to working with you or your loved ones.

Hugs and Best wishes

Jenny x



Terms and Conditions:

Sessions to be used within 4 months of date of purchase.
No refund for unused sessions after 1 month from date of purchase.
Sessions not to be shared with another person except in the case of couples in therapy.
Gifted sessions need to be purchased with the full knowledge and acceptance of the beneficiary.

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