Spiritual Issues

If you’re just awakening due to a personal crisis, maybe a divorce, a loss, an illness, or a life change of unimaginable proportions then you’ll be feeling like you’re at sea without a compass. It is scary to be cast off, away from everything you thought you knew, to a new and scary reality – one that you had previously no idea existed. This is where you are entering the realm of the spiritual as you awaken from the drug of complacency and mind numbing normality to one that is full of scary potential that can sometimes feel overwhelming. Does this sound like you? Then I’d love to talk to you. Give me a call on 07773 919071.

Maybe the word spiritual hadn’t even occurred to you at this point. Maybe it just all feels weird and unusual right now. And you’ve probably not thought about it being a spiritual awakening because the word spiritual often conjures up something other worldly: an ascetic practice, an inner journey of exploration and awareness, perhaps even a religious conversion, or an awakening to your purpose and reason for being here. This might sound┬álike some fairy tale where you flee from the constraints of the physical and inhabit the ethereal plains where pain can be transcended and nothing can harm you.

The Prophet In my opinion, nothing could be further from our human reality. Acknowledging our spiritual inheritance involves a real nuts and bolts assessment of what is actually influencing your life at a many levels, and taking action to change it, develop your heart and your awareness and to make use of all your human experiences, the painful ones, the happy ones, the sad ones etc. Oftentimes we are awakened to our spirituality through crisis. A personal crisis often shows us the limitations of our inner map of the world and once it is broken, we suffer emotional and psychological pain.


Working spiritually is beyond symptom control. It is beyond a prescription and much further a drug. Working spiritually seeks to awaken you to your real power within yourself, beyond the constraints that society tells you you must live by. It is about creating and crafting your own reality and being dominion in your own life.

Why is working spiritually important?

Working spiritually is more important now than ever before. We are at a time in our human development globally where we need to return to our own resourcefulness and detach from the prescription mentality of big corporations. We need to find our own diamond underneath all the ‘stuff’ that society has had us believe is essential to our survival. And I’m not referring only to the physical realm. I’m referring to the stuff, both physical and abstract, that detaches us from our human spirit and leaves us poor, regardless of how well off we might be.

It’s about discovering what is important, really important, for us and our families and communities. It is about awakening to our common humanity and putting that above all else. And it is about being leaders. Spiritual leaders are not gurus. They are simply people who decide to create their own reality and live creatively, moment by moment, showing others what is possible once having decided to step outside of the popular social paradigm.

What are Spiritual Issues?

No matter what, none of us ‘get off scott free’ in life. A dear friend of mine threw this comment into a conversation I was having with him once and it stayed with me. It stayed with me because it was true. No matter how blessed your childhood, how wonderful your children, how grand your job, how much money you have, who you married, which house you live in, life will still give you challenges. Regardless.

Often when challenges have become so great that it feels like life as you know it is breaking apart, this is the time you will be seeking something more than just symptom management. It is very likely to feel quite scary to confront the issues successfully, like in the processing of them you surely are going to lose something. And you will. The question many ask is how can I get through Kahlil gibran Love this period of my life and still survive the loss on the other side of this difficult time? This loss could be a relationship, a loved one, a child, a parent, a job, a change of career, a rethinking of your religious faith, a move to a new country. The common leitmotif in those of you that are determined to make this painful time a platform for growth, is the desire to really come home to yourself and find your own answers that only you can generate inside of you.

Sometimes a period of ‘love’ for an-other forces us into a time of great expansion and growth. This can also be an opportunity to take stock of who we think we are and to grow. Love is both a servant and a master. It can bid you into an exquisite sense of ecstacy and plunge you into deep misery. These are very fruitful times to take stock of your real purpose, power and mission and to discover new aspects of yourself finding new ways of being in the world.

Sometimes those who have had a near death experience realise that the choices they have made in their life to date are lacking in that je ne sais quoi. There is a sense of unease. Like you are just playing at life. Nothing really feels satisfying and your feet, figuratively, feel itchy! Perhaps you have started noticing synchronicities for the first time in your life and there is a message in them for you that you can’t quite decipher. All these are messages from you to you in this time of awakening, to help you evolve and grow, but the language is baffling and you need a translator. Perhaps you are feeling like you’re meant to be here for bigger reasons. That your life isn’t fulfilling you – even though it all looks superficially fine and dandy!

Illness as teacher

Often illness can be our biggest teacher. As someone who has sought my own answers to physical as well as mental and emotional issues, I know there is alot to learn about our larger selves from illness that modern medicine would NOT encourage you to discover. So used are we to looking outside for answers to our physical problems because illness has been dressed up as tyranical of itself, random acts of genetic sabotage, with no real rhyme or reason. If we understood the language of the body and what it is trying to communicate with us, we would understand how important a period of illness can be to our life.

My Role as your Guide

Well, I can’t say I’ve been there, done that, got the T-shirt as everyone’s journey is unique. However, my learning has enabled me to sit with an open heart, to really hear your experience, to recognise blocks and untruths quickly, and to inspire you to take risks with your heart, and thereby to learn more than anything I could directly teach you.

My experience has taught me where to challenge you, where you hide out so you can’t see yourself, and where your illusions have been dressed up as reality. My experience has taught me that we are responsible for ourselves – as much as we would like to blame someone else – ultimately we are our own master. My role is to serve your awakening and I am ready to meet you.