Depression and anxiety

As Life Make Over Consultant, I’ve worked with perhaps hundreds of people who have experienced depression and anxiety over the last 12 years in practice in both London and Essex.  Some have been happy with superficial fixes and others have wanted to delve into the causes and find some nugget of wisdom from their struggles that transforms their lives.  The choice is yours how far you go with your recovery from depression and anxiety related issues.


What is the cause of Depression?

Let’s cut to the chase and get underneath the medico-babble of depression being a chemical imbalance.  As yet there is still no evidence that the brain’s chemistry, suddenly, and for no clear or apparent reason, goes awry.  I’ve heard clients describe how their doctors have told them they have a chemical imbalance and that they should feel no stigma for taking a life long drug to even out their chemical imbalances just like a diabetic would take insulin to iron out blood sugar imbalances. And indeed, no one, regardless of their mental or emotional condition should feel stigmatised.

However, there’s lots of evidence that life experiences, loss and trauma can cause emotional and spiritual blocks that result in a depression of the spirit and a loss of energy, the solutions to which are beyond the physical. When we look for spiritual solutions in a physical realm, we are using very crude and basic interpretations of what makes us a fully functional human being. It’s like taking a TV apart to try and find the moving pictures! We are so much more than the physical.

When we introduce anti depressants into the body, THEN we have a chemical imbalance that the body acclimatises to, which is why it can be difficult to come off them.  Because when you do, you experience withdrawal symptoms that cause the body’s systems to throw up all sorts of unresolved trauma and suppressed emotion. It’s safer to stay on them if you don’t know how to manage the fall out.

I’m not a medical doctor so I’m not advocating you go cold turkey on your prescription medicine.  I’m just here to stimulate you to consider how much you are prepared to take control back of your mental and emotional wellbeing and whether you are ready yet to make that journey.

Repressed Expression = Depression

I often refer to depression as ‘repressed expression’.  Effectively if you have depression you have bound and gagged your own right to speak and lost trust in the effectiveness of doing so.  When you do that, you sink into a helpless and hopeless place where there is no faith in life and no trust. This will probably be because when you’ve tried to have an effect, you’ve had knock backs that have fed you the illusion that you are not worth anything and it’s not worth trying.  This can be a pervasive message that you have received about you from your childhood that has been triggered by an adult event.

This is the same mental and emotional process that people go through when they have lost someone or something that used to be at the centre of their lives: their jobs, their homes, their partners etc. When the meaning drops out of your world the mind wants to resist the change and go back to where it used to be happy.  This is why the spirit is subdued and the resistance to experiencing the loss and sadness in the body, can cause long term depression.  I can help you take an inventory of your life, and give you permission to experience the emotion that is trapped in the body so that you can reclaim your natural state of wellbeing.

What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is also a loss of faith and trust in life and your effectiveness to deal with it.  The difference is that instead of withdraw, the mind revs up to anticipate all manner of future events that you might have to confront some day.  The more you tell yourself to pull yourself together and stop behaving stupidly, the more you will experience anxiety.

When you set yourself up in battle with yourself, it’s like giving attention to the poor behaviour of children: you’ll just get more of it. What you pay attention to, you get more of.  And setting yourself up in a self chiding and self denigrating battle is giving the anxiety much more attention than it needs.

Once we start ‘practising’ anxiety, it starts to become part of our body’s automatic response to the unknown.  Everything produces anxiety and the head starts reinforcing the body’s response looking for important reasons why it is necessary to stay in a state of red alert.

I’ll show you how to calm your mind and your body and how to unpick the conscious and unconscious reasons why you have chosen to respond to life’s challenges in this way.

I have an e book and a meditation CD designed specifically for anxiety that will be hosted in the products area sometime soon. Check now just in case it’s already there.

Give me a call without obligation and let’s talk about what you’d like to achieve in your life.  My numbers are 01371 859994 or 07773 919071.  I work from Liverpool Street in the City of London, or Great Dunmow.