Emotional Issues

As an integrative therapist and coach of more than 12 years working in both London and Essex, I can probably say that, the most important level to work on is the emotional level.   I can work with you intuitively and eclectically with a combined psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and coaching approach that can help restore your equilibrium and enhance your feelings of emotional wellbeing.

The Power of the Emotional

Any marketing executive will tell you, that we respond from the emotional in everything we are encouraged to buy.  And yet, we are generally blissfully unaware that we are being played by skillful manipulation of our emotions.

The emotional is at the core of life. In technical speak, it is the first part of the human consciousness that develops, and it develops first in order to give us early warning systems for our survival.  Today though, it is the part of life that is so readily overlooked in our fast and furious world of ambition and achievement. What tends to be more the case is that the only emotion we have been primed to allow ourselves are positive ones: the negative ones we are happy to ignore and dismiss.

The problem is, they don’t go away. Just because we don’t pay any attention to them, doesn’t mean they’re not still there waiting to be addressed, cleared out of the body’s system, and to be used for what nature intended: important signals to help us run our lives happily and healthily.

The suppression of the emotional causes all sorts of mental and physical problems, from heart palpitations to high blood pressure, on the physical and obsessive compulsive thinking and sexual issues on the mental level.  And this occurs in particular in men, whose acknowledgement of the emotional in our left brained, externally referenced society, signifies weakness or vulnerability.

The real truth looks quite different though.  It shows a great strength and maturity to be able to process the emotions thoroughly and efficiently and use them to guide you through life. It is indeed, a great strength to be able to allow yourself to feel and to heal the emotional body.

As the old adage goes,

“What you feel  you heal, what you resist persists” – old Adage


My approach is insightful and intuitive and I’d be happy to work with you to help you use and develop your inner resources, acknowledging your emotions and using them to create the life you want to live.

Give me a call without obligation and let’s talk about what you’d like to achieve in your life.  My numbers are 01371 859994 or 07773 919071.  I work from Warnford Court, near Bank and Liverpool Street in the City of London, or Great Dunmow.