Clear the Fear

Want to do some more Personal Development?

How serious are you about your personal development? I invite anyone, on this one day event on the dates below throughout 2015, who is determined to get to the bottom of their stuff and who wants to create a shift in their life to come and join us.

My Clear the Fear workshop is a powerful pastiche of personal development processes which provides one of the most powerful and fastest ways to create a shift of perspective and to rewrite the current script you live by.

What Script?

Whether you know it or not, you are living a tired old script most of the time, based on what you have already learned about life, and therefore, what you predict might happen in the future. Imagine if you could rewrite the script and start deciding how your life might change in the future?  As they say, the definition of madness is to do the same thing and expect different results.

In my one day Clear the Fear workshops, you have an opportunity to perceive and do things differently.  Once you’ve shifted, the future opens up for you.

What to expect?

As you release the old script you used to believe was ‘the way things were’ you’ll feel sad, exhilarated, subdued, excited…in fact a whole range of emotions that indicate that you’ve realised the true gold of your real self.  It is this moment of catharsis that releases trapped emotions from the body and enables you to rewrite your script.

Your deeper true self holds resources you didn’t know you had. Your true self knows your real worth. Let this workshop day be the start of something new and exciting for you. You can shift into the here and now and live your life more authentically.


Who is it for?

This day is ideal for anyone who is ready to do some more personal work and who is committed to raising their consciousness and transforming their fears.  If you’re a counsellor, therapist, business executive, entrepreneuer, or student, everyone is welcome.

Time and place

Time and place

The day will be hosted on the following Sundays  during 2015 between 10 am and 5pm:

25th January
8th March
19th April in Portsmouth
24th May
28th June
2nd August
18th October
6th December


Dunmow Day Centre –
Rowena Davey Centre
Chequers Lane
Great Dunmow
Essex. CM6 1EQ

and costs £95.

Please send me an email or call me, Jenny Lynn, to reserve your place 07773 919071.

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What others said

At my last Clear the Fear workshop day this is what some of my participants said:

” I did not expect to be working through my own ‘stuff’. I had the experience of really focussing on how I was connecting to my inner child. That I was neglecting her again and not embracing her for her to trust me. Others have suggested that Psychodrama is not person centred…I disagree. This works to really focus you.”

Serenity Eagle
Trainee Counsellor – July 2013


Great feedback, hun! You brave heart, you! See you again soon.

“I did not expect the closeness and creation of such a safe space in which to be able to just be – and so supportive.  I felt honoured to share in others enlightenment and grateful that I had the space and support to look into my anxiety and lack of anger. I have experienced empty chair in therapy which I could not engage with and today I was able to engage in the drama.  This is an amazing opportunity that I am very grateful for, local and affordable.”

Steph Tanner
Counsellor – July 2013


And you seemed so anxious at first! So glad you got into it and surrendered to the process. A privilege to work with you.

“I was surprised to find out how much guilt I felt about wanting the changes that I do. I was left with a feeling of warmth and friendship. I felt that Jenny facilitated the group’s activities with a sure hand.”

Celia Bird
Hypnotherapist – July 2013


Lovely to work with you again after a few years break. Glad you had some insight into the right to be you! – Can’t be anyone else, after all.

“This was an opportunity to connect with others without the need for content, to understand and read body language without the worry of offending anyone, to be honest and respectful to others through an enlightening experience!  This has helped improve my understanding of drama therapy to use within my own practice.”

Laura Bassingthwaighte
Drama Teacher – July 2013


You’ve come so far since last time, Laura! It’s so lovely to see the changes. Congratulations.

“I was anticipating working hard at unblocking myself with other like minded people. I had a wonderful growing experience and a renewed appetite for growth.”

Patrick Crowley
Counselling Psychologist – July 2013


How warm you were Patrick and how brave to take the lead at first. It was a pleasure to work with you for the day.

“I anticipated connecting with a part of myself that makes me feel more vulnerable. The experience was freeing, discovering, experiencing. I see I don’t always need a ‘shell’ or ‘armour’ to be of value for others. I found myself getting present to my strength”

Aldine Iqbal
Counsellor – July 2013


It felt like you were on to something, a new phase in your life or a new awakening. Such a privilege to be part of that journey. Thank you.

“I had all kinds of feelings and emotions while my third eye was open listening to everyone’s stories.”

Christopher Suckling
Amateur Dramatist and Cleaner! – July 2013


Chris you are an inspiration. For someone who never used to ‘do’ feelings very well, you’ve managed to discover that you do! Amazing.


I have been having counselling and was in-between therapists and then the offer of the Clear the Fear workshop just came to me and I thought, why not.Thinking I was coming to see something and take part in an activity that I had only read about and letting Jenny know that some major shifts had already happened recently for me, both of us thought that maybe this time with the group would not bring anything to light.WOW!! Big insights for me. Taking the roof off of a pressure cooker to let me grow and I have grown so fast since. Many blocks have held me back, but physically smashing it and telling it to go has worked so well. Other insights are too personal to print.I am dyslexic and find that visual and movement help when learning, I can now see that this is also helpful for me in therapy to work towards a greater authentic me.Thank You Jenny, I am so glad to have met you on this day xxSerenity Eagle
Trainee Counsellor – April 2013

Serenity is a blessing to work with.  I look forward to working with Serenity again on her personal and professional development. Go girl!

Jenny Lynn is inspirational. She has taken me on a journey of self discovery and by doing so my life has become much more grounded, I have shifted my issues through her amazing work as a cognitive therapist and drama therapist.

Jenny helps people face the root if their issue through many different techniques, looking from the inside out.Drama therapy changed the way in which I view my relationships with others but more importantly the relationship with myself.Thank you Jenny for all your support and guidance xxxLaura B – April 2013

You’re welcome Laura! Laura has used everything that I have offered to make her life work so much better for her. Congratulations!