Clear the Fear – Australia

Clear the Fear – Australia

A 2 day and 1 day event for Talk Walkers and Fear Clearers

Coming to Sydney and Melbourne!

For those who dare to be bold, who want to lead by example, this 2 day workshop in Sydney and 1 day workshop in Melbourne offers an experiential fear clearing opportunity for you to walk your talk and clear the fear. And following the success of the Clear the Fear workshops in the UK, I’m privileged to be able to bring this workshop to Australia, to help ever more people clear their fear and walk their talk.

Clear what Fear?

lose your fear A survival mechanism that has evolved over many thousands of years, the fear instinct has been essential for our continued existence. However, in our modern world, with our sophisticated social network and our big brains we can imagine threats and we can create fears on all kinds of levels that may not be as useful as we think.  And the effects are subtle.  We may not even be conscious of them. So, by far the most life inhibiting fears are our unconscious ones; the ones that lurk at the back of our psyches, often for years and years, stopping us sharing our gifts with the world and sabotaging every conscious attempt we make to grow and evolve.


  • Do you sometimes find yourself held back by fears or anxieties that stop you being all that you can be in your personal or professional life?

  • Would you like to throw off the shackles that stop you doing what you want to do and being who you want to be?

  • Are you looking for creative opportunities to explore in a safe and supportive setting, how you could change your own life and those around you, for the better?

In our sophisticated culture, fear has become like a runaway train largely fuelled by the media. It causes us to behave as a collective, fearful of leaving it, infecting us unconsciously and convincing us we have to conform. Fear infects all of us at times and we’re mostly unconscious of it.

Here are some of the issues unconscious fears can create in our lives:

  • Fear of charging what you are worth

  • Fear of being judged by others – in extremis, panic and anxiety attacks

  • Physical issues in the bodies as tension inhibits healing and flow

  • Isolation, low self esteem, loneliness at work and at home

  • The ‘Upper Limit’ Syndrome. Can’t have too much happiness, too much money, too much of anything good.

Fears literally dominate our lives in the western world as we strive for externally validated standards, measuring ourselves against imagined expectations, making sure we stay with the flow of the majority view, ignoring the subtle energies of the deeper self, and worse, disowning them altogether.  As we run from fear, fear does a good job of catching right up with us!

Who should come to the clear the fear workshop?

This workshop is ideal for anyone who is ready and committed to clearing the fear out of their lives and stepping into their power.

In particular:

  • People working in personal development – Therapists, Hypnotherapists, Coaches, Counsellors, etc.

  • Those with a keen interest in shaping their own lives and taking responsibility,

  • Those about to launch a practice in personal development

  • Entrepreneurs who want to step up

  • Those seeking opportunities to keep learning

  • Those who are ready to step forward with trepidation and deal with their demons once and for all!

What is the Clear the Fear workshop?

I incorporate

  • meditation,

  • hypnosis,

  • art,

  • psychodrama,

  • movement,

  • breath work 

  • family constellation

do somethingyou've never done to enliven the bodymind and allow ourselves to fully experience the flow of energy within ourselves and between group members.  The CTF Workshop is for those who dare to be bold, who want to lead by example, who want to walk their talk and clear their fear.

Becoming powerful, confident and clear as you were meant to be is your gift to the world. And as you offer your authenticity to your clients, your friends, your colleagues, and your family, they will experience you in a refreshingly new and free way. This new more fear-free you can create the inner peace and comfort you need to invigorate your life and attract new opportunities into it.

How does it work?

We involve ourselves deeply in stories – our own and others – as I, the Director, tease out unconscious fears, using empathy, energy transference through holding your hands and gentle questioning. I then invite members of the group to embody the parts of your psyche that have remained hidden for so long so that you can negotiate and talk to your darkest fears and biggest blocks.  The process is highly cathartic and can release unconscious pent up emotional energy which is what creates the shift.  All the exercises we do are designed to activate all your senses so that your deeper layers of fear have an opportunity for expression and dissolution, whichever way they come up!

The safety that I set up in the group means you are free to share as much or as little as you want, to explore as many unconscious fears as you’d like and to gain the opportunity at a phenomenal speed, to lay some deep fears to rest. You will be part of other people’s stories, and you may also become the protagonist of your own story. When you come out of the workshop you will not be the same person that walked in. And additionally you may make profound connections with other people in the group, fast.

Here’s what some others said about it

“Thank you for sharing with us your work today, inspiring indeed. I thoroughly enjoyed it all. Acting out various parts of the main protagonist’s emotions and desires evoked for me the concept of the Wounded Healer. Being an active part of the healing realisation brought forth my own emotional journey. In fact, it urged me to reflect on what I wanted to do with my own healing and state of being at that present time.  Further to this, observing the interaction between the others involved in the group gave room for a lot of self learning. In short a truly powerful experience which I will remember with great respect and the desire to want to learn more. I hope we get to meet again.”
Nat Clegg, Coach and Therapist. Oxford. March 2014.

create the reality you want “This, my third experience, has been rewarding and fulfilling. Jenny has an amazing way of engaging with us to make us feel completely at ease with one another. Her workshops always make me feel empowered and rejuvenated being able to relate to other’s dramas. Jenny thanking you for inspiring me and helping me to rewrite my script.”
Laura Bassingthwaighte. Drama Teacher. April 2014

“I anticipated working with others on the day to find the source of our fear and was a bit scared of how I would cope as I have felt quite vulnerable already recently. The experience was in fact very safe so I didn’t feel overwhelmed but was given the space in the experiences to understand more clearly how fear can actually be used positively and pointed me in the direction of being more authentic to myself. ”
Kim Walsh. Hypnotherapist. – April 2014

 “I was expecting it to be emotionally and mentally challenging. I had an open mind (and heart) and was willing to share. I was surprised by how a small group could work so powerfully, helping me get in touch with the emotions behind the issues that I have been intellectually aware of for some time, but never fully felt. And it happened so quickly too! I felt supported by everyone there, even though I was accessing painful material”
Gavin Roberts. Human Givens Therapist and Hypnotherapist – January 2014

“I was anticipating finding clarity and self belief. It turned out, through the first exploration exercises that I have unresolved feelings of fear since I was 4 years old. The person who gave me this fear was my father. Through acting out the drama I got to face my 4 year old self and give her the reassurance and love to free her of the feeling. At the same time as confronting my father with my feelings, this brought out not just pain but also gratitude for his contribution. I hugged my ‘father’ for the first time in my life! I feel I can do this in real life and am feeling that I am now able to move on without needing anyone’s consent to live a life of abundance and happiness. This is a great digging exercise that brings up problems hidden for over 40 years and helps you deal with them!” Amie Lee. Entepreneur and Restaurateur – January 2014

And to listen to their testimony of their experience here?

Listen to 3 women describe their journey through the Clear the Fear workshop in 2014 and how it has helped them grow and evolve. Here’s what Kim Walsh, hypnotherapist and counsellor, had to say about her experience on the Clear the Fear Workshop.

Laura, who is a drama teacher, speaks about how the Clear the Fear workshop has inspired her to change careers and develop her own drama therapy work. She describes the ambience, the impact and the speed at which personal development happens as a result of doing this profound work.

Janet describes in this audio below how the Clear the Fear workshop helped her work more confidently with her clients.



On Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th September 2014 I’ll be in Sydney at the Australian Hypnotherapy Association 65th Annual Conference giving a talk about the ways in which hidden and unconscious fears are in control of your life and how to use them to improve your therapy/coaching practice.

If you’re a therapist who’ll be attending I’ll be sharing how I help you clear them and giving a little demo right there.  However, you do not need to be a therapist to join this workshop.

The Clear the Fear workshop which will be running on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st September in Sydney, at the National Trust Centre and in Melbourne on 28th September (details tbc) and at other venues over the next couple of weeks across South Eastern Australia.

Join me and  make a decision to confront yourself and clear the fear! I’d love to have you on the workshop. If you want to read about my own clear the fear journey please click over to and see what fears I’m having to address by reaching out across the world to take my workshop with me on my travels.

My promise

This workshop is unique and profound. It is a development from many years of my own personal development through my practice of Buddhism, my exploration of the mind through hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and counselling – in their myriad forms – the movement, breathwork family constellation and psychodrama work that I have taken part in myself, creating a powerful pastiche of ways to connect and rediscover our birth right to health and wellbeing.  I am privileged to be able to share this amazing work with you and for you to offer me your trust. My promise is that you have the best of me and I am in service to the best in you.

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Jenny Sofa Jenny Lynn is a Transpersonal Therapist, Intuitive Coach, Personal Development Mentor, Trainer, Author, Speaker and Buddhist of 30 years. She has guest lectured at home and abroad on Buddhism and Psychotherapy, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – the Psychology, Integrating Counselling Skills into your Hypnotherapy Practice, Wellbeing and Tenderness, Isolation and Stigma in the Mental Health Service, The Psycho-Spiritual Causes of Disease, and the Psycho-Spiritual Aspects of Family Healing, The Power of Authenticity as a Healing Medium among others. She offers leadership to her therapist colleagues inspiring them to grow and embody the changes they wish to see in their clients, clearing their fear, and walking their talk to become leaders of authenticity. Her style is insightful, intuitive, authentic and challenging. She is an authority in her field of integrative psychotherapy and hypnotherapy and a Fellow of the National Council of Psychotherapists. She has also worked in partnership with the UK NHS treating CFS/ME patients who did not respond to conventional medical or talk interventions.