Don’t go just yet! Treat Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and treat anything

Before you go, did you know, if you can get to understand and treat CFS you can just about treat anything?

That’s been my awakening ever since I went into practice in 2000. CFS was the greatest challenge I had when I came across it just 6 months in. It caused me to deeply reflect and meditate on what was going on. I listened to the body and the heart. I listened to the words and the expression. I noticed an untiring set of patterns. They were always the same. It was through asking these deep questions and sitting with the answers when I was so new in practice, that I developed the confidence to treat just about anything. If you ask the right questions the answers can be found.

The quality of the enquiry was all important. It was essential that I was using joined up thinking and not just stopping at scripts or symptoms. The body as an integral whole must have a reason for its’ illness. This was the question I sat with. ¬†As a result, I learned to ask the same question, not just with physical disease, but because the mind and body is one, I asked that question with mental and emotional distress: What is the reason? What is the benefit? How does it serve me?

Asking those simple questions revealed a whole host of unspoken contracts that people have made with themselves. If I can help you unravel the mystery for yourself, please continue with your purchase.

Remember I will personally coach you through your complimentary free coaching hour after your purchase which you can access up to 3 months after your purchase. I will help you trouble shoot your clients issues and give you some insight you may find absolutely invaluable and you could apply to all your clients. Take the plunge. And remember there is a 100% money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied!