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How one feminine insight could make your practice successful

I'm 50 this year though I can hardly imagine where all the years have gone.  And as I plan my half century celebration and speak to friends going back decades, it seems only yesterday that I was a teenager flailing against the world and seeking something more...

The Number One Reason Therapists Give Up Their Practice

At first glance there would seem to be absolutely loads of reasons why therapists fall out of practice and I bet, as a therapist in private practice, you can relate to all of them at one stage or another along the way. Discovering the one reason why you feel doubtful...

A flash of insight last Thursday

Two to three days ago I stood in my bathroom, bare topped and was intending to look, from the side, at how my hair sat pulled up onto my head. I had a business meeting in London where image was important.  As I turned side on with a mirror in my left hand to reflect...