What to expect

Initial Consultation

At your initial consultation, usually we clarify exactly what it is you would like to achieve.

I’ll ask you some searching questions and help focus you on your desired outcome and I’ll also detail the belief systems and blocks I have heard that are holding you in your old patterns of thinking and relating.

Often, this first session gives me all the information I need from you to help you challenge yourself over the coming weeks to do the work that will profoundly change the way you feel and behave in your life.

How often?

I often recommend a run of 3 – 4 weekly sessions so that we can build up some momentum, and then we discuss together where you would like our therapy/coaching sessions to go from there.

If you are ready to really challenge yourself, I am here to offer you the fuel and the faith in you that you need to transform your life. If you really know what you want and are ready to fast track it, you may want to consider joining me for a VIP day.

Added Value

I will often gift you relevant products I have created for my clients that will see you through a range of issues. And I will expect you to do homework to fast track your healing and build an accountability element into your process.

What ‘techniques’ or strategies will I use?

I’ll use a range of different techniques from the coaching world, to hypnotherapy, to Cognitive Behavioural therapy and even meditation. However, you’ll notice that it’s not the techniques themselves that you’ll develop faith in, but in the capacity I have to ‘see’ you and accept who you are and guide you to the results you are looking for. I’ll support you wherever you are starting out. I’ve been where you are and I know the terrain and how to cross it.

Who does this approach suit best?

This style of approach is good for people who feel they need more than the regular counselling or therapy style they may have had in the past and who are really ready to do some big inner change work fast.  If you are happy with that expectation and know yourself to be a person of action, then I can help you.

Block Booking versus individual sessions

I do not have a crystal ball so I could not tell you how many sessions you would need to help with the changes you are looking for, whether it be 1 or more than 12. However, you will know at the end of the first session how comfortable you will feel with paying for a block of 4 or whether you would like to continue with individual sessions.  I will not pressure you either way but will be lead by you to establish how you would like to structure your sessions.

Why do I work like this?

I have chosen to work more this way with people for various of reasons. For example:

  • I walk my talk as I have achieved a lot of mental, emotional and physical healing and I feel confident I can see into your life to help you with yours
  • I want you to experience the real quality of life, that I’ve also found, rather than being tied to being ‘mentally ill’ for what could be many years in conventional therapy arrangements
  • I believe you have the right to healing and happiness as a human being and are capable of that
  • I want you to have a great transformational experience and to recommend me to your friends and colleagues

My fees in Essex and London are as follows:


£95 per hour or £350 per Block of 4 x 1 hour

£140 for 90 minutes or £500 per block of 4 x 90 minute sessions



£150 per hour or £560 per block of 4 x 1 hour

£220 for 90 minutes or £800 per block of 4 x 90 minute sessions


I am happy to provide a day rate for in-house therapy and coaching solutions in corporate settings on request. Please email me for more details.